Admissions Interview Process

MTSA is under no obligation to invite every candidate who applies to the School to interview, as the overall applicant pool may vary from year to year. 

After the application deadline, the DNAP-C Program Screening Committee (PSC) will review the files of all applicants whose files are complete. Once the DNAP-C PSC has determined an applicant is competitively qualified, the applicant may then be invited by MTSA to interview. The Admissions Coordinator will contact potential students regarding the scheduled date and time for a personal interview.

A personal interview with the DNAP-C Program Admissions Committee is available only by invitation from the DNAP-C Program Screening Commitee. Applicants should be prepared to discuss all information and documentation submitted during the application process, as well as the following:

  • Reason for seeking a doctoral degree
  • Reason for seeking a professional rather than a research degree
  • Concept, topic, or phenomenon of interest
  • How MTSA Faculty can support the applicant's educational goals