Admissions Interview Process

MTSA is under no obligation to invite every candidate who applies to the School to interview. 

During the application cycle, the DNAP-C Program Screening Committee will conduct ongoing reviews of all completed applications and the applicant may then be invited by MTSA to interview with the DNAP-C Program Admissions Committee. The Admissions Coordinator will contact potential students regarding the scheduled date and time for a personal interview.

Prior to a determination regarding acceptance, there will be a recorded interview the MTSA DNAP-C Program Admissions Committee will review. Members of this committee interview on topics such as motivation for pursuing the DNAP degree, current practice setting, and areas of scholarly interest.

Justification for acceptance or rejection of a candidate is not required nor noted in the applicant’s file. Any questions regarding admission decisions should be directed to the Admissions Coordinator (, who may then consult with the DNAP-C Program Administrator.

All applicants should dress in professional attire for the interview. Applicants should be aware that the interviews are recorded so the DNAP-C Program Admissions Committee members may view it later.