Personal Interview

Prior to a determination regarding acceptance, there will be a brief personal interview with the MTSA DNAP PAC (4-6 members present). Members of this committee are interested in further exploring the candidate’s rationale for desiring to pursue the DNAP degree, as well as the candidate’s concept/phenomenon of interest.

The selection process is based on the applicant's GPA (cumulative and recent academic), professional references, written personal letter, and presentation during the personal interview. Each member of the DNAP Program Admissions Committee (PAC) is given the responsibility to vote conscientiously after each applicant’s interview. Scores are collected immediately following the interview. Justification by the DNAP PSC or the DNAP PAC for acceptance or rejection of a candidate is not required nor noted in the applicant’s file. If there are areas where it is felt an applicant could improve his chances for admission in the future, the Committee members are invited to express them on the scoring sheet. Any questions regarding admission requirements should be directed to the Admissions Coordinator (, who may then consult with the Vice President of Academics or Program Administrator, as needed.

All applicants should dress in professional attire for the interview. Furthermore, applicants should be aware that the interview may be recorded so that DNAP PAC members who are not available at interview process may view at a later time.