Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Nurse Educator Program, students will:

  1. Integrate educational philosophies and theories into evidence-based teaching practices. (NLN-CC I)
  2. Apply evidence-based teaching and assessment strategies in the classroom, laboratory, simulation, clinical, and online learning environments. (NLN-CC I, II, III, VII)
  3. Utilize information technologies that support the teaching-learning process in various learning environments. (NLN-CC I)
  4. Create innovative learning experiences with consideration for learners’ diversity and individual needs. (NLN-CC II, V)
  5. Employ assessment strategies appropriate to assess student learning outcomes. (NLN-CC III, VII)
  6. Participate in curriculum design, development, and evaluation processes. (NLN-CC IV)
  7. Use knowledge of ethics and legal issues relevant to higher education and nurse anesthesia education as a basis for developing and implementing teaching practices, policies, and procedures related to students, faculty, and educational environments. (NLN-CC VI)
  8. Exhibit the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for the Nurse Educator role within a variety of educational environments. (NLN-CC I - VIII)