Student Counseling Policy

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In accordance with MTSA’s mission and core values, MTSA believes students should strive to achieve a healthy & balanced life. MTSA also believes that at times counseling may be needed to help students readjust to the stressful environment and changing lives of graduate school. MTSA has established a plan of action to assist students maintain this balance.

Should the need arise for counseling services for students, MTSA will provide referral to a counseling service and will fund the initial three (3) assessment/counseling sessions. The Director of Student Services maintains a list of current approved providers for counseling. Students can be referred for counseling by Administration, Faculty, Mentor, or student’s self-referral to the Director of Student Services.

MTSA cannot mandate a student receive the counseling service.

MTSA offers counseling for financial issues, referral can be made through the Director of Financial Aid.

Student Lounge

The Student Lounge serves to assist in the improvement of the welfare of student life at MTSA, and to provide students with a neutral environment in which to build community. The Student Lounge is most used by DNAP Completion Degree students during the semester Intensive Days. The Student Lounge has tables and chairs, microwave ovens, television with satellite dish, sink, dishwasher, ice machine, two refrigerators, snack machines, and a desktop computer with printer/copier for students’ use. The Student Lounge and the outdoor porch areas are equipped with wireless internet access, to more effectively enable students to utilize their personal laptop computers.

Student Placement Career Opportunities

MTSA does not have a formal graduate placement service; however, it welcomes any information regarding position openings or job opportunities. CRNAs enrolled in the DNAP Completion Degree Program have already been employed in the profession as CRNAs prior to enrollment in the DNAP Completion Degree Program, and most are anticipated to maintain that employment during the program.

Student Records / Transcript Requests

The purpose of the MTSA Office of Records is to serve as custodian of student academic and clinical records. This office provides verification of graduation for graduates of MTSA, as well as facilitating offering letters of reference from faculty related to students’ or graduates’ performance as students to potential employers, upon request by the student or graduate. All requests for verifications, transcripts, and/or letters of reference should be submitted IN WRITING to the Academic Support Specialist who is responsible for such records. Transcript Request are located on the MTSA website in the Alumni & Friends section. Complete the Transcript Request Form and return to Office of Records at MTSA via email, fax or mail as stated on the form.