Student Advisement

Advising is an essential part of student success and progression at MTSA. Success in the DNAP program depends on being a successful student in the academic courses. Each DNAP student’s designated faculty advisor reviews progress with each student in the academic area. These evaluations are summaries of the student’s self-evaluation form, the student’s online Portfolio, and the Academic Record. These per semester sessions are scheduled with each student individually.

The Program Administrator is the full-time MTSA administrator who has the primary responsibility for interim student advisement, or advisement beyond the capacity of the faculty advisors. However, if the student chooses, both the Assistant Program Administrator and the Vice President of Academics are also present at MTSA on a full-time basis and are also available for student advisement. All three of these full-time administrators are available for informal discussions with students. Their offices are in close proximity to the classrooms, and dialogue is encouraged.