Public Information Policy

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MTSA provides complete, accurate, timely, accessible, clear and sufficient information to its students, constituents, and the public. The MTSA Office of Advancement & Alumni is the official clearing house for all publications targeted for external use (primarily used for marketing purposes, news release information, professional journal articles, Airways Newsletter, etc.) This Office is responsible for updating and maintaining the MTSA website with current and accurate information, as well as responsibility of all communications to the media. This Office provides a uniform, coordinated and professional presence in the community served. The Advancement Office representative coordinates newspersons’ interactions with students, faculty and/or staff. It is the objective of this policy to provide accurate, timely and quality publications and media release information.

This policy encompasses the following information:

  • MTSA's current student handbooks, which includes MTSA's mission and obligations and responsibilities of both students and the institution, as well as current academic calendars, grading policies, cost of attendance, and refund policies. These handbooks are provided on the MTSA website ( Archival versions for up to 10 years of these handbooks are available to alumni upon request.
  • All forms of print and electronic communications officially representing MTSA are consistent with handbook content and accurately portray the operations of MTSA.
  • MTSA publishes statements of its goals for student achievement and the success of students in achieving those goals. This information on student success includes retention and graduation rates, NBCRNA first time and subsequent pass rates, job placement rates and other measures of student success appropriate to MTSA's mission and Council on Accreditation (COA) requirements.
  • MTSA maintains valid documentation for statements regarding such matters as program excellence, learning outcomes, success in placement, and achievements of graduates and faculty. This information on the website and/or MTSA student handbooks.