Financial Enrollment Procedures

On enrollment day, the Vice President of Academics, the Program Administrator, and/or designees will review and summarize all costs, schedules, and obligations, and will issue and discuss the salient features of the current year’s DNAP Program Student Handbook. Students will sign the Enrollment Contract and pay the Period 1 tuition. Late enrollment is not permitted without special Progressions Committee approval. Students will be asked to review the Release of Information Policy and sign the consent form, and will also be made aware of HIPAA policies related to patient data collection for educational purposes.

Each student should be aware that there may be updated versions of the Student Handbook published during his enrollment. While significant changes are rare, students must abide by the current version of the Student Handbook, unless otherwise noted, including abiding by the most current tuition and fee changes. The student will be notified of financial changes in advance.