DNAP-C Program Purpose Statement

Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) Program Purpose Statement

In keeping with the institutional mission, MTSA provides onsite and distance learning education environments steeped in the Christian and Seventh-day Adventist belief systems.  MTSA encourages students to excel in their studies and continue growth in their desires to pursue truth & a life of service.

MTSA’s DNAP degree is a professional practice degree in nurse anesthesia.  Applicants may select which of the two tracks they prefer to focus their scholarship work: the Nurse Educator track or the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship track. The DNAP curriculum is designed with foundational courses intended to broaden the students’ knowledge and appreciation of worldly concepts of nurse anesthesia evidence-based practice. Courses in the DNAP Completion program are exclusively online. 

In addition to requisite foundational courses, completion of a scholarly project, which is the seminal scholarly work associated with the degree, is required. Each DNAP student is mentored in this process. MTSA faculty mentor each DNAP student to complete a scholarly project that focuses on utilization of research findings to augment evidence-based nurse anesthesia clinical practice, nurse anesthesia education.