Course Audit Policy

Policy Number: 
10/2022, 7/25/2023
10/2022, 11/2022, 7/25/2023 Pending BOT approval

Audit is a registration status allowing students to attend a course without receiving a grade or academic credit for the course.  

Registering to Audit a Course 

  • Registration for audit is at the course instructor and Program Administrator’s discretion.  

  • At the time of approval for audit registration, the instructor, Program Administrator, and student will agree upon the student's level of participation in the class.  

  • By the first day of class, the student must obtain the instructor and Program Administrator’s signature on the Course Audit Agreement. This form must be submitted to the Registrar. 

Audit Guidelines 

  • Only students enrolled in the DNAP Completion program may audit courses within the DNAP Completion program.  

  • Only students enrolled in the Nurse Educator Track program may audit courses within the Nurse Educator Track program.

  • Only students enrolled in the ASPMF program may audit courses within the ASPMF program. 

  • Credit status/designation cannot be changed from audit to credit or vice versa after the first 5 MTSA business days of the course.  

  • MTSA Refund Policy/Withdrawal Procedures apply to audited courses.   

  • Audited courses do not count towards determination of enrollment status for purposes of financial aid eligibility.   

  • Unless student has already completed the course for a grade, fees for auditing courses are the same as for credit courses.

  • Students are permitted to retake an audited course for credit. 

Audit Grades  

  • No traditional letter grade is issued, and the student will not receive credit for the course.  

  • The grade of AU, with no grade-point value, is awarded for students that audit a course and complete all requirements listed on the Course Audit Agreement. 

  • A student registered to audit a course may drop the course with no grade 5 MTSA business days after the course start date. 

  • If a student withdraws after the deadline to drop without a grade of W (5 MTSA business days after the course start date), a grade of “WA” is awarded. 

  • A grade of “WA” is also awarded if the agreed-upon level of participation by the student in an audit enrollment is not met.